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Seersha: the phonetic spelling of Saoirse, an Irish or Scottish given name meaning "freedom"

freedom to feel // freedom to change // freedom to chill


who is
Seersha ?

New artist Seersha is a songwriter, vocalist and producer hailing from ATL. Listening to her chill electropop vibe, it’s hard to believe that just six months ago you would have found her in Nashville writing primarily country songs for anyone but herself. Missing Atlanta and disillusioned with the formulaic writing style of Music City, Seersha came home in October 2016 to find her own way.

She spent the next few weeks hidden away in her apartment, writing for a new record of her own and producing herself in Ableton for the first time. She elaborates, “I turned off my phone, got off Facebook and just let myself do whatever felt intuitively right--it was a vulnerable, experimental time for me.” The result is a sparse synth-driven indiepop sound fraught with raw emotion and written solely by her in just 3 weeks.

While Seersha isn’t sharing much about her background, she will divulge the origin of her name--Seersha is the phonetic spelling of Saoirse, an Irish or Scottish name meaning “freedom.” “That’s what this whole project is about for me:  giving myself freedom to create whatever I want, with the intention of making space for the listener to freely feel,” she says.

Seersha cites influences as broad as her friend B.E.N’s impressionist bass poems (he is the only instrumentation on the record besides Seersha’s production) to Phil Collins to MSMR. Her debut album is forthcoming.


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